Sudoku remains the purest, most elegant number strategy game. Most sudoku apps, however, are cluttered with unnecessary distractions. We designed Sudoku Sue for iPhone and iPad to put the focus back where it belongs: on game play. 

Sudoku Sue's first level contains 500 puzzles and is free! Levels 2-5, which contain an additional 2,000 puzzles, can be unlocked for just $0.99.

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  • Simple, minimal design
  • Thousands of beautiful game layouts
  • Four challenging levels 
  • Light and dark modes
  • Helpful hints
  • Note mode
  • Stat tracker
  • Optional floating keypad (iPad)

If you’re looking to challenge your brain and not your eyes, play Sue Doku!

Game Play

Here is a sped up (20x) video of Sudoku Sue being played on Level 1. For more on how to play sudoku, take a look at our Rules page.


Sudoku Sue requires iOS8 and above, and works on iPhone 4S and above, iPod Touch, and iPad. 


Concept and Design: Michael McWatters

iOS Development: Jamie Forrest

Game Logic: Andrew Stuart

Icon: David Jacobson

You can visit Sue on FacebookTwitter, or in the App Store, or just say hi.